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For more information and all the details of each of the mowers Walker has to offer please visit our Weaver Turf Power Showroom or contact us.


Model T

For the Maintenance Professional

Popular with the lawn professional the Model T offers the perfect balance of power, agility, and durability for a wide range of mowing applications.  The Model T has 3 different engine options a 23hp engine is standard, engines also available are a 25hp EFI and a 31hp L/C EFI.

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Model C

Commercial & Institutional Use

A lightweight frame with a powerful engine gives agility, maneuverability, and high-mowing capacity to the Model C.  The Model C comes standard with a 19hp engine carbureted or electronic fuel injected.

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Model D

Water Cooled Diesel Engine for Long Life & Economy

This mower is for the maintenance professional that wants the life and economy of a diesel engine, with all the benefits of the other Models.  The Model D comes standard with a 20.9hp diesel engine.

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Model S

Large Homeowner or Light Commercial Use

The entry machine with a smaller engine and simplified drive train, yet it has most of the features of the high-performance models.  The Model S comes with engine options of 14hp Subaru or Briggs 18hp twin.

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Model B

Simply Beautiful… Beautifully Simple

The Model B brings a new look to the Walker line, with the same design as the original Walker Mower but with an even more compact configuration.  The tractor design is simplified and is more economical for all non-catching applications.  The model B comes with your choice of a 18hp, 19hp, 23hp EFI or 25hp propane fueled engine.

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Model MH

The Model H brings the features of a mid-mount (speed and price) together with the advantage of Walker’s proven steering, quality of cut and tilt-up deck. Available engines are 25hp, 27hp EFI, 38hp EFI gasoline or 24hp diesel powered.

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Add an attachment to your tractor and find new uses for it.


36″ Single Stage Snow Blower


42″ Two Stage Snow Blower


47″ Rotary Broom


46″ Dozer Blade


2 1/4 cubic feet Loader Bucket