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Ariens Snow Blowers

Ariens offers a range of models from single stage compact to 36” two stage hydrostatic drive commercial units.


Ariens "Professional" Snowblower Series

The Power to Devour

For Snowstorms that require major-league muscle, the Professional Series is better equipped then ever.  Its powerful beast of an engine is a big part of the story.  As are the serrated augers that claw through the nastiest piles of snow and ice.

Models in this series are the:

  • ST26DLE
  • ST28DLE
  • ST32DLE
  • ST36DLE

Ariens "Platinum" Snowblower Series

Highly Featured

Includes features of the Deluxe plus automatic traction control, quick turn chute and handwarmers on our mid-size platform.

Sizes include:24″ & 30″


Ariens "Deluxe" Snowblower Series

Uncommonly Potent

The toughness encoded in the Deluxe Series’ DNA makes these machines fierce snow-swallowing companions.  Equipped with aggressive drift cutters and a strapping 14″ impeller design, these machines prove to be the clear choice for eating up the most menacing helping of snow and ice that Mother Nature can dish out.

Models in this Series are the:

  • ST28LE
  • ST30LE

Ariens "Compact" Snowblower Series

Sacrifice Nothing

If you think you have to compromise performance for the flexibility of a midsize machine, then it is time we introduced you to the Compact Series. Built from the ground up for those who want serious benefits without the full size, this series features rigorous two-stage performance to help you through whatever winter will offer.

Models in this Series are the:

  • ST22LE
  • ST24LE
  • ST26LE

Ariens Power Broom

The Professional Power Brush puts an entirely new spin on cleaning up fluffy snowfalls and light snow dustings. Use year-round for your spring yard cleaning chores, summer yard work, and to quickly dispatch your autumn leaves. The flexible bristles conform to the surface, making the Power Brush perfect for uneven cobblestone walkways, brick sidewalks, or bumpy stone paths.