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Tow Behind and 3pt Hitch Lawn Aerators

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Bluebird has 2 different sizes of tow-behind aerators.  The TA10 comes in a width of 36″ and the TA12 comes in a width of 48″.  Because of the different sizes there is a model to suit whatever your needs might be.

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Tow Behind Aerators

The Lawnaire Aerator comes in a 36″ width and the Renovaire Aerator comes in a 72″ width.  Both models are tow-behinds and can be used with many styles of zero turns or lawn tractors.

3-PT Hitch Aerators

The 3-PT Lawnaire Aerator comes in 36″ or 48″ widths and the Tracaire Aerator comes in a 72″ width.  These three options allow for flexibility among a variety of compact tractors.