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Walk Behind Lawn Aerators

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Bluebird has 3 different sizes of walk-behind aerators from 18″ to 25.5″.  Bluebirds walk behind aerators offer a patented free-wheeling outside tine system.  This allows for better aeration in corners and tight areas.



Plugr aerators come in many different sizes and widths.  Each one offers the Plugr advantage.  Plugr offers a different type of aerator because of the unique cam design.  As a result of the cam design on a Plugr you get consistent results no matter what the conditions.

With Plugr’s many options there is a Plugr Aerator right for you.  From the PL850 which has a hydrostatic drive system and a width of 30″ to the PL400 compact unit with a width of 22″.  Each offers the Plugr advantage and ease of use.

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Ryan has 3 different sizes in walk-behind aerators ranging in sizes from 19″ to 28″.

The Lawnaire IV & V Plus aerators come in widths of 19″ and 26.5″ and feature a compact design to get into smaller areas but the speed to cover larger areas when needed.

The Lawnaire 28 Aerator is 28″ wide and comes with a unique castor design on the front wheel which gives it zero-turn capability, providing unmatched maneuverability and productivity.



Stinger Dual-Aer  Model 2455 and 2475.

  • Honda GXV390 or Briggs 344cc engine option
  • Dual hydrostatic drive system.
  • 24″ aerating width
  • Aerate 53,856 sq. ft. per hour
  • 5mph forward,             2mph reverse
  • Optional Sulky