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Bluebird offers 2 sizes of Walk-Behind power rakes and 1 Tow behind model.

The D110 is a 38″ wide towable rake.  It allows for large areas to be raked in a short amount of time.

The PR18 is a very compact unit with a width of 18″.  Its small size allows for use on smaller jobs and for transporting.

The PR22 is a much more versatile unit.  The PR22 comes in a width of 22″ and has the ability not on to be used as a power rake (with an optional bagger) but it can also be converted to a power seeder.

The power rake offers 3 different kinds of dethatching blades for use in many different types of conditions.



Ryan has 2 different styles for Walk-Behind power rakes.  Each style of the power rake comes with 4 different options of blades to put in depending on the type of conditions that are being worked in.

The Ren-O-Thin power rake comes in a width of 18″ is great for dethatching as well as breaking up cores left behind from aeration.

The Mataway dethatcher is another option for the commercial user who needs versatility in a machine.  The Mataway can come as a dethatcher or as an dethatcher/overseeder as well which then allows for both dethatching and overseeding to be done individually or at the same time.