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Sod Cutters

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The Bluebird Sod Cutter is a great way to prepare areas where sod needs to be removed before the work is performed.  With its simple design and multiple speeds and a 4wd option the SC550 will make quick work of all your sod cutting needs.  The SC550 comes in a width of 18″ and a maxium depth of 2.5″.

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Ryan has available to the industry 2 different models for sod cutting the Jr. and the Heavy Duty Sod Cutters.

The Ryan Jr. Sod Cutter, comes in widths of 12 or 18″ and has a cutting depth of upto 2.5″.  The Jr. has been one of the most popular Sod Cutters in the industry for years.

The Ryan Heavy Duty Sod Cutter has the option to be a ride on machine with the ability to cut and roll the sod all in one.  Again this machine has the versatility to get the big jobs done yet be small enough to be portable to smaller jobs.