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Weaver Turf Power started its business with a focus on quality service. We continue that reputation with factory trained, conscious, honest service technicians. We strive to conduct ourselves in a professional manner from the time you talk to our service manager to properly diagnose your unit, repair with quality parts and return your unit  to you clean and in properly operating condition. Our #1 goal is that you have a positive visit and you are satisfied.


It’s that time of year again. Flowers are blooming. Grass is growing. The garden is awaiting this year’s newest crop. You are ready to bring out the mower and dig the tiller out of the shed. Wait though- didn’t that tiller break a tine last year? The mower was cutting lopsided, too. One side of the grass was shorn nearly to the bare dirt.


So before starting that garden, or mowing and trimming that rapidly growing grass, you should seek professional help for your equipment. The mechanics at Weaver Turf Power know just how to fix that tiller. They can straighten that deck on your rider. Sharpening blades, fixing trimmers and edgers and even working on your commercial equipment- they can get your equipment up and running for the season.



Perhaps your blower or your edger has seen its better days. There is no more repairing to be done. You must buy a new one or the season will be ruined. Weaver Turf Power can help you with name-brand equipment for sell. Come in and talk with our knowledgeable sells staff to find out what will best fit your lawn and garden needs. We service and sell commercial equipment, too.


Residential and Commercial Mowers

Consider a Zoom 2040F as your next rider. With an electric clutch, 7 cutting positions, and an XLerator Deck, this is a great machine for keeping that yard looking fantastic this summer. The Ariens 2-Wheel String Trimmer will make easy work of those hard=to-reach areas. Commercial customers will love choosing from names like Ferris and Big Dog and Walker.

Turf Equipment

Mowing is just part of having a beautiful lawn. Aerating, grass-seeds, proper watering and more are all part of lush grass lawns. Aerators from PLUGR, sod cutters from RYAN, and seeders and sprayers will keep your grass green and strong through heat and drought.

Handheld Equipment

Reduced gas consumption and lowered emissions are part of the appeal of RedMax blowers and chain saws. Trimmers, brush cutters, and even the EX-TREME with multiple attachments, make keep hedges and trees healthy and looking well-shaped.

Snow Equipment

When the season turns cold and the snow begins to fly, we at Weaver Turf Power will still be here to help. Snow blowers from Ariens and snow plows from The Boss will make clearing drives and walkways a breeze. The Micro Pro Spreader makes spreading ice melt and salt easy. Just install it on your hitch mount and let the spreader do the hard work for you.

Every season, every yard- we are here to make sure you have what you need to keep your property looking great.